Born Yesterday
(Royal Mountain Records)

Versatility. It’s an impressive weapon to have in your toolbox, but too often a band with wide aspirations and abilities make records that sound disjointed and lack cohesion. That’s not a problem at all for Hollerado’s latest excellent album. Born Yesterday, humorously, does sound like a record with a bit of retro sound, even if the lyrics are very fitting for today. While the Canadian band plays around with different styles (synth rock, country western, southern rock, garage rock), Hollerado are primarily a grunge power pop band in the mold of Weezer and Rozwell Kid. Fun, melodic riffs interplay with borderline-obnoxiously catchy choruses.

For those unfamiliar with Hollerado’s past work, Born Yesterday is definitely much more pop oriented than past works that were closer to fellow Canuck rockers Japandroids. There is a large dose of 90s/00s power pop a la Fountains of Wayne (yes, of “Stacy’s Mom” fame), am that iridescent pop sheen helps bridge the musical variety on display here. Songs carry a distinct identity and feel, even if some of the hooks are similar. Lyrically, Hollerado focuses on the bright side of the incoming darkness, as much of the album revolves around finding love in our age of rich, powerful asshats. Born Yesterday does often feel like a lost record from yesteryear, but it’s endearing and catchy enough to be a very worthwhile addition to the now.

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