A label out of the always-prolific Portland, OR, Accident Prone have already built a name around their punk, metal, and experimental releases, and the four bands here continue that theme with plenty of meticulous noise and aberrant sounds.

House of Low Culture provide one track of nearly 12 minutes of minimalist static with a dark, sinister underlining that drones and slithers, while Caustic Touch provides the most tracks (there are three), though all are quick bursts of harrowing, abrasive noise. Daniel Menche’s contribution is probably the easiest to define, with its chaotic, psyche-rock, and polyrhythmic sounds, and EMS finishes the listen with the most melody-albeit in an ambient maze of bleeps and moods.

For those with an ear for the experimental, there’s much in the way of textures, atmospheres, and approaches here, and the record is about as far as you can be from mundane. If you’re adventurous, this is worth a spin.

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