Household / Infinite Me
Split EP
(Blood & Ink Records)

I’m not saying this is the perfect album, but this Household and Infinite Me joint release may be one of the more perfect splits in recent memory. Both bands hail from the cold, thick accented lands of Minnesota (I’m sure they’re both sick of Fargo jokes), and their indie post-hardcore styles marry together perfectly. I’m a bit more partial to Household’s more consistently aggressive sound, which recalls As Cities Burn and early Emery, with its swirling songcraft. Their three songs are more driving and punchy; their throwback emo/post-hardcore is as emotionally heavy as it is musically engaging. The three-part “Distant Truth” suite is soaring and flows together quite well. The raw vocals are a nice touch, as well.

On the flip side, Infinite Me’s indie-core style is more in line with Brand New and Balance & Composure. They feel more like a coiled snake, striking only when they see fit, and preferring a grunge/shoegaze hybrid until the moment calls for a powerful outburst, and, boy, are they excellent in those moments. While I think Household’s three-song suite fits together better and doesn’t lull too much, there are parts of Infinite Me’s three songs where I wished the band would pull out another outburst or two. That’s not to say the group’s contribution to this split is anything other than exemplary. It’s more that Infinite Me’s spacier sound does a excellent job of closing out this emotionally resonant split. Plus, “Follow You” is truly exemplary, so they are no slouch, either.

Those looking for powerful and engaging indie/emo/post-hardcore show seek out this great split EP immediately and keep a look out for these two promising acts in the future.

You can purchase the album here: Physical | Digital

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