Howling Giant
Black Hole Space Wizard II

Howling Giant’s odyssey of sound reaches its second part in Black Hole Space Wizard II, and takes the band forward onto voyages around ambient frontiers of eclectic stoner and post-rock.

BHSPW II has matured in great leaps from its predecessor, but the album does not abandon the essential roots of the first album in the series, which bound Howling Giant to a signature specialty of cranking righteous terrestrial down tuned jams.

The guitar solos are absolutely magnetic and enchanting; the songwriting weaves the crunching riffs together with dreamy synth-pop sequences to create songs that transcend typical stoner rock, evolving the format into necessary hybrids that carry the music forward. These Tennessee native bluesy dreary eyed rockers have certainly accomplished a definitive and agreeable work of solid art. The album transitions lucidly across each track, unraveling like a storyboard of druids and space magic.

Although Howling Giant could have taken the easy route with a rudimentary release of groove powered rock, the band sincerely captured their own name with the titanic scores and melodies that embody this album.

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