Folk sounds come in many forms these days, and in the case of Minneapolis troubadour Ian George, it involves violin, trumpet and flugelhorn, while George handles keys, vocals, mandolin, and bass.

The album gets to a hazy, soothing start with the soft, acoustic guitars of “Gitche Gumee,” which becomes more experimental as the song progresses, and this flows well into the restrained-yet-playful, “The Wild & The Untamed.” Though each song here is a treasure, exceptional moments include the percussive, heavy, and expressive “Kandinsky,” and the hand-clapping, beat-friendly, upbeat folk sounds of “The Jolly Road” are especially impressive.

Though George has played in full bands before, on his own he’s front and center, fully exposed, and he makes the most of it with poetic, lush, and cautious songs that will resonate with anyone in transition. Despite the eight tunes here defying comparison, similarities to Iron & Wine are present, and that could certainly never be a bad thing.

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