Icarus the Owl have always had a different sound about them, one that was quirky and fun, melodic but chaotic, and always interesting. Since signing with Blue Swan Records a record back, their sound has changed a bit, losing a bit of its oddness along the way, but gaining an edge. Rearm Circuits finds fuel in its post-hardcore influences (something relatively new for listeners that have been around since the debut EP, Qualia, back in 2011), which have been sharpened since Pilot Waves. The melodies are stronger now, the lyrics sharper, and the songs more forward in attitude. This makes for a deeply satisfying record in most regards, even if it feels like the band has lost a bit of what made them so unique in the early days. The hitch in this transformation aside, Rearm Circuits strikes out repeatedly in tracks like “Dream Shade”, “The Vanishing Point”, and “DoubleSleep”, all while retaining the underlying lightheartedness of the band’s preexisting formula. Thanks to this accomplishment, Rearm Circuits comes out worthy of attention and dedication; it’s the kind of great release that offers layers that should suck in new listeners with ease, while also sending them backward in time to explore the excellent releases that brought the band to this point in their career.

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