Ice Nine Kills presents a unique and incredibly memorable modern horror metal vision via their new Fearless Records release, The Silver Scream. Put simply, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone out there who has perfected the art of shudder-inducing, exhilarating, and generally heavy metal quite like these guys.

When they break in with their familiar straight-up heaviness, it’s mind boggling and beautifully intense. The amount of energy poured into those parts, and into the whole record, is absolutely spectacular.

On their new record, though, the band sounds like they’ve increased their concern with the cinematic aspect of their music—those broad, sweeping, and even pummeling textures. For instance, vocalist Spencer Charnas’s darkly resounding voice maintains control throughout the album via what’s mostly clean vocals, although there remain plenty of screams too. It’s as if via this new record, Charnas has continued accepting his role as a trailblazer of epic modern horror.

There are also tons of instrumental flourishes. The band’s instrumental work contributes to their overall presentation perfectly. With Ice Nine Kills, their epic horror themes are hardly just a surface level aesthetic.

The continued development of that direction suits the band perfectly. On the one hand, that’s their chosen subject matter on The Silver Scream: the cinema. Each song relates the tale of a classic horror movie, with covered titles including everything from Halloween to Jaws.

Additionally, that’s the exact niche the band has been working on carving out for themselves over the years and especially through their most recent material. Every Trick In The Book, for instance—their most recent full length—dramatically takes the listener through horror stories outside of the strictly film genre, striking an intriguing way forward for the tales via modern metal.

These themes all come together perfectly on The Silver Scream, which is an exhilarating exploration of just what metal can be. There’s no need to be boxed in or fall down well-worn rabbit trails. There’s room for bombastic and experimental pressing forward, and at that, such is welcome, and perhaps even needed in the modern music community. We’ve got to stay “alive” somehow, unless the horror characters making an appearance on The Silver Scream have their way, that is.

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  1. Loving this album, just finished the 2nd run through! Favorites include Thank God It’s Friday, The Jig is Up, and A Grave Mistake. Here’s to hoping these guys blow up in a big way this year!

  2. Stephanie La Rosa Reply

    They are amazing. Only a few bands even come close to the intensity range and overall spookiness. Love love.

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