Scene veterans Impending Doom are back, and trust me they’re here to bring the pain. The band is set to release their next LP The Sin and Doom Vol. II via Entertainment One. Not only is this one of the band’s best releases to date, but it reminds us all why they’ve been around for so long (and why we continue to love them). This LP is easily one of the heaviest and most original releases by any band in recent memories. It differs from other releases that usually take on the same copy and paste format and brings new life by bringing back the old. This album somehow goes back into the band’s roots all while creating an intense and diverse experience for listeners.

The album’s productions (overseen by Christopher Eck, the man who produced the band’s first album) is a perfect mixture of raw, violent, powerful, and muddy in all the best ways. It helps up the aggression level and brings in an edge that a lot of heavier albums have been lacking lately. By going back to their original production value the band has tapped into something special. It’s as if they were able to go back in time to touch base with their old-selves, and while back there they taught them everything they’ve ever learned throughout their years of putting out solid music.

Coupled with the great production comes the brilliant writing. For the first time in what feels like ages you are treated to an original heavy album that doesn’t even stay within the boundaries of itself. All the songs go hand-in-hand, but somehow never sound just like one another. While staying constantly brutal, each song gives listeners a little different side of what the band is capable of. From dense non-stop songs like “The Wretched and Godless” to songs you can scream at the top of your lungs like “War Music” you get a bit of everything from this album. Not only does the music hit all the nails on the head, but the lyrics do as well. The intensity in the voice is backed by the unapologetic and real words it spews. Brook Reeves continues to develop his lyrical mastery by putting out thought provoking lyrics that makes The Sin and Doom Vol. II all the more better.

After hearing the album from start to finish, this is one I would recommend over and over again. Trying to poke flaws in this album would just be fruitless work, for Impending Doom has successfully put together the best metal LP of the year so far. Congratulations to the band, and be sure to pick up The Sin and Doom Vol. II.

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