Now all residing in different cities, the 4 members of the long running outfit Imperial Teen aren’t letting the distance between them derail their creative prowess. In fact, if anything, it’s bringing their song craft to another level, as evidenced by this glorious, thoughtful 6th album. 

“I Think That’s Everything” starts the listen strong with synth and piano friendly modern electro-pop, and this extends into the highly melodic and playful “We Do What We Do Best”, the sparse and psyche-influenced “Don’t Wanna Let You Go”, and one of the album’s best, the key heavy and quirky pop of “How We Say Goodbye”.

The back half of the record doesn’t disappoint either, and offers the retro-pop fun of “Parade”, as well as the more raw yet harmonic“The Girl” that points towards their punk roots. The listen ends on the aptly titled “Timeless”, where a hazy setting of easily embraceable song craft finds an ethereal and dreamy spot to reside. 

A collection of esteemed artists culled from bands like Faith No More, Sister Double Happiness, The Wrecks and hey willpower, Imperial Teen have never been short on hooks and memorable versions of indie-pop, and this career highlight continues that tradition with power-pop nods, New Wave sensibilities and alt-rock stabs that are easy to absorb and difficult to forget.

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