Profane Nexus, Incantation’s tenth studio album, is quite possibly the band’s pinnacle of perfection. Not that previous releases weren’t outstanding, they were. Profane Nexus is just a grand slam home run. The record is an interesting mix of death metal, thrashy death metal, and dirge / doom; a curious mix indeed, but hell yes, it works; it’ll set your world on fire.

Expect no death metal rehash or paint by numbers BS here. This is Incantation’s Necronomicon, for sure; this is their “music of the dead.” What makes each tune so unique and enthralling, is the sheer heaviness factor the band conjures up, which is beyond astounding. There’s time changes that take a song from a slow pace of doom to blast beat drumming then back again. And it works. It gels.

Small nuances such as the way Kyle Severn throws in a drum fill, or how the band channels both the better elements of a frozen guitar wail, ala, Slayer’s Kerry King, or channels the almighty Bolt Thrower with a heavy, patient grind style that drives each song (“Omens to the Altar of Onyx”).

Profane Nexus calls forth a dark and brooding mood, an atmosphere of despair and loss, the soundtrack to what might be hidden away in the basement of hell itself, especially with the track “Ancients Arise” finding the band deep into a landscape of doom and eternal pain. Guided by Severn’s drumming and McEntee’s tortured vox, “Ancients Arise” gets so heavy it burns the air around you. Even if you’re not an Incantation fan, you gotta give this record a listen, you’ll be converted instantly. And by the way, why aren’t you an Incantation fan? What’s wrong with you?

This is death metal so heavy and so fierce it’ll knock a satellite or two out of orbit if turned up too loud. I said it earlier and I’ll say it again. This is Incantation’s best record to date. It’s also one of the best metal releases not just this year but in the last five years. You wanna wear your battle vest proudly? You better be digging this record immediately.

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