Everyone’s favorite Walrus-themed band is back and better than ever with their latest offering, A Beast Within. Just like Iron Walrus’ previous works, this is heavy, straightforward, and nihilistic, and they’re still really, really good at it.

There aren’t many surprises on this new record, but Iron Walrus definitely stay true to their sound. A Beast Within is straightforward and sludgy, leaving nothing up to the imagination. The intro track, “Crawling,” sets the stage for the dark and heavy, and things launch off at a slow and steady pace from there. “No More Reason” is a painfully heavy, depressive track that works nicely right in the middle of the record. All in all, this entire thing paints a nice, gloomy picture, and the tracks really come together nicely to form a cohesive whole.

This is a must-have for those who are already die-hard Walrus fans, and any sludge fans looking for a good jumping-off point to get into the band.

Purchase the album here.


Addison is a Denver-based writer who focuses on metal, cannabis, underground music and LGBTQ issues. She has also written a book, Wicked Woman: Women in Metal From the 1960s to Now, which can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Wicked-Woman-Women-Metal-1960s/dp/1501021079

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