Return To The Sea (10th Anniversary Edition)

Following an unplanned and startling breakup of The Unicorns in 2004, Nick Diamonds and Jamie Thompson continued to play together, immediately starting Islands and recording Return To The Sea. The album was received well, and high profile tours ensued before members started leaving, and even though by 2009 Diamonds was the only original member left, Islands have continued with their brand of unconventional pop. In fact, they actually released 2 albums of new material in 2016.

This now decade old debut comes reissued with touched up artwork, an essay about the album’s history from Nick Diamonds, and a remastered sound to this classic, yet with all its ‘flaws’ intact. The timeless melodies and quirkiness here sounds better than ever, and the appeal of the analogue synth, horns and strings fit right in with today’s version of indie-rock. Both a fun and silly listen, songs like “Where There’s A Will There’s A Whalebone” are both hip-hop and prog-influenced, and not surprisingly, the entire listen sounds like a mixtape from your eccentric friend who likes both The Shins and Saddle Creek Records.

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