Jack Russell’s Great White
He Saw It Comin’
(Frontiers Music)

I actually caught Jack Russell’s Great White last year alongside fellow ’80s rockers Ratt and Firehouse. While they put on a decent set, I didn’t really think of them as much more than a nostalgic act, and honestly can’t remember them even introducing any “new” songs that night. So it was to my surprise when I heard they were actually releasing an album of new material, and an even greater shock to learn that it actually was not… that bad! Songs like “Sign of the Times,” “Blame it on the Night,” and the title track make for great arena rockers, while “She Moves Me” (my personal favorite) is the perfect strip club anthem. There’s even a power ballad in the form of “Anything For You.” He Saw it Comin’ sounds as if it could have actually been recorded in 1988; had it been, it might have actually been a massive hit for them.

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