Jimmy Eat World
Integrity Blues

I’ve long championed Jimmy Eat World as the best current rock band. For over 20 years now, Jim Adkins and company have recorded fluid, warm and memorable albums. Sure, some have been much better than others, and though there isn’t a perfect album in the bunch (Futures is close, though), the band have truly stayed faithful to their formula while amassing a sizable audience.

On their 9th album, all the Jimmy hallmarks we love are present: big choruses tailor made for arenas, melodic guitar based rock, and the thoughtful, eloquent wordplay of Jim Adkins. Some nice amendments to their sound include plenty of electro-pop moments, soothing strings and a borderline metal moment. The album is heavy on ballads and mood, often lingering amid a dreamy, spacey state, and while it’s unlikely anything here will parallel the success of “The Middle”, this is where some of their strongest work to date resides. The best Jimmy Eat World album since Futures, this is.

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