Jinjer is a Ukrainian nu-metal act with an eerie kind of flair. Jinjer’s fourth studio project, Macro, was released on October 25 via Napalm Records.

Macro hits the ground running with opener “On the Top,” a song that really exceeds expectations and exhibits Jinjer’s strengths and range of stylistic abilities. Nearly all the tracks are a solid mix of clean and dirty vocals that always compliment one another.

Frontwoman Tatiana Shmaylyuk adds color and emphasis with her breathy, whisper-like vocals, which provide a great accent to Jinjer’s well-established, prog-metal tone. “Retrospection,” number four on Macro is another hard hitter. It is led by an exaggerated percussion line fringed with Tatiana’s soft, clean vocal lines serving variety and tension.

Jinjer are skilled at their bountiful experimentation with styles and techniques and have offered us mastery of it with Macro. It seems Jinjer may have discovered their knack, a consistent track list of songs dishing up great dynamics and power framing a hold over the listener.

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Macie is a lifelong metal fan and music journalist. Thrash is her #1 and she loves a good eighties hair metal jam. She is still waiting for the second-coming of grunge.

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