John 5
Season of the Witch
(60 Cycle Hum Records)

John 5 is the shit… plain and simple. For those who may not recognize his name alone, you may know him as Rob Zombie’s guitarist and former guitarist for Marilyn Manson. John is my favorite guitarist, bar none. A good guitarist can touch your soul, and John is a fantastic guitarist.

John 5 controls his guitar seemingly as easy as he breathes on Season of the Witch, his eighth solo record, while incorporating all genres of music – from bluegrass to flamenco to heavy metal to jazz. His tunes all have a special flair – sometimes a bit sinister, sometimes playful, but always John 5.

John is joined by his band, The Creatures, on Season of the Witch, whose members are bassist Ian Ross and drummer Rodger Carter (amazing musicians in their own right). Choosing favorites on this album is next to impossible because each song is so different, and I suppose you could almost have a different favorite with whatever mood you’re in. A few stand out tracks for me would be “Behind the Nut Love,” “Making Monsters,” “Ode to Jasper,” “Season of the Witch,” “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” and “Hell Haw.”

Check out the videos for “Behind the Nut Love,” “Black Grass Plague,” “Here’s To the Crazy Ones,” “Making Monsters” and “Hell Haw.” You will be highly entertained.

No matter what type of music you’re a fan of, Season of the Witch has something for you.

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