The latest John Nolan album is an emotional and intimate journey that picks up where Taking Back Sunday left off. Mature and intimate, the album goes beyond the everyday, becomes unique, and brings the listener closer to the inner thoughts and anxieties of Nolan.

Nolan’s third album, Abendigo, released through Collective Confusion Records and produced by Mike Sapone ( Taking Back Sunday and Brand New), is an eclectic collection of tracks. The album brings in multiple elements of 2000s pop-punk while balancing the old-school sound with some futuristic synth.

The first track, “Do You Remember?” is reminiscent of Brand New’s Daisy (2009). Infusing a steady drum beat with mirroring electronic sounds creates a breath catching soundscape. Nolan’s vocals throughout the album present the talent that he’s masterfully displayed on his previous releases. The arrangements throughout the album give a distinct impression of the pop punk many of us grew up with while staying lyrically mature and engaging.

Altogether the album is cohesive and well-produced, long-time fans of TBS and BN will appreciate this album. Overall, this is a great listen, and it will be an excellent addition to a pop punk playlist.  

Purchase the album here. 

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