Julia Louise
(No Sleep Records)

Regardless of how PMA you are or how high you hold your chin, you know that you’ve had your heart’s teeth kicked in by a failing friendship’s steel toed boots at least once. Well, luckily a young woman by the name of Julia Louise has put together a 10 song soundtrack to tribute shattered hearts everywhere. LOVE JAIL is a fantastically compiled masterpiece of heart wrenching odes to fake friends, false relationships, and the endless fall of being let down by someone you love. Or thought you did.

Human emotional is very peculiar. Especially sadness and the want to be as sad as physically possible. To hear something that really drives the sad dagger deeper into your breaking heart. If this is the case, Julia Louise is perfect for you. As far as new indie, angsty releases go, LOVE JAIL should be at the top of the list. With songs such as “Mother’s Milk,” “Real People Jobs,” “Philly Heartbreak Song,” and “Brat,” this one woman show does a phenomenal job of painting pictures of depression, break ups, and fake friends that we’ve all seen first hand. Do yourself a favor next time you’re down in the dumps and let LOVE JAIL play on repeat. Just make sure you have a box of tissues with you and a few tall boys. Or whiskey. Depends on what you want to call ‘medicine’ that day. I hope you’re not down anymore Julia Louise, but thank you for making this record.

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