Spectral Ascent
(Twin Earth Records)

The relatively new musical group Kabbalah has created a high quality, deeply moving piece of work in their new release, Spectral Ascent. It’s European underground music at close to its finest, blending influences from an array of areas, including doom metal and psychedelic rock.

The album has a somewhat abrupt beginning, immediately launching into the story of a character who, as the album’s first song title indicates, was literally resurrected. The quick establishment of a concrete character in this occultic feeling album helps give Spectral Ascent just that, character.

The vocals on the album are clear, often crisp, and very listenable, while the slow yet heavy music that the record starts out with works well to establish a mood that allows the listener to appreciate Spectral Ascent as much as possible. The feeling of the album, as reflected in the slow yet driving music that it opens up with, drives the listener to empathize with the character established in the album’s first track.

Spectral Ascent is much more than something to bob your head to pleasantly, so if you’re looking for something that has many facets and that you can really sink your mental teeth into, this one’s for you.

Concurrent to the occultic themes on the album, there is a clear element for anyone really to grab onto; Spectral Ascent has multiple layers. On the album’s eighth track, Kabbalah’s singer puts the listener in the position of the character that was introduced in the first track and has been maintained, in various capacities, throughout the album, singing, “You keep searching for an answer; You’ve watched the darkness fall; And you heed its siren call; That shadow falls upon you.”

The album ends on a slightly more upbeat note musically speaking than it opened up with. The production sounds at times as though it is from decades ago, when the musical influences that converge in Spectral Ascent began to make their mark in the modern era. Although it could thereby feel antiquated, it works well.

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