The Kahless Clone
Our Neverending Loneliness

A side project from Novembers Doom guitarist Vito Marchese, The Kahless Clone was developed as an outlet for his instrumental musings. Much like his work in Novembers Doom the material featured is quite dismal and offers a rather bleak mood despite the inclusion of bright electronic pieces (which I don’t recall ever hearing in Novembers Doom). The odd thing about this act is that it plays with post metal and prog, yet also feels steeped in hard rock. “I Can Almost Reach You” actually feels like it might benefit from vocals, but certainly a much different feel than what we’ve been offered in Novembers Doom.

Despite his work in Subterranean Masquerade, I just don’t think that Paul Kuhr would fit on the track. I just couldn’t see him on a chorus where the synths are so heftily displayed as they are here. I’d think someone a bit more youthful with a fragile vocal tone might work. Much of this does seem to sound like intelligent hard rock, as “If Only We Had More Time Together” almost hangs right from the coat tails of the previous, making me think a little of Klayton’s work in Celldweller.

Throughout many of these pieces, I find that there is so much reiteration in sections where a vocal chorus could be easily added to and possibly give these pieces a little more life. It’s not that Marchese hasn’t been working hard enough on these pieces, several of them are brilliant and feature a strong level of artistry and texture, but I’m often left wondering when the vocals are going to come into play. As I listen, it feels like something needs to be communicated here and the spacey textures displayed in the keyboard sections are only half of it.

Truth be told, Our Neverending Loneliness can be listened to as an instrumental recording, but I keep feeling that more can be done here. It’s the kind of record that I would use to practice my vocals on back in the day, same with early Pelican and some other instrumental acts. Make of that what you will.

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