King Khan
(Khannibalism / Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

The album almost feels like the result of a bet based around how many genres you could smash into one album without ruining the bouillabaisse itself. King Khan is an amazing amalgam of genres and styles melded masterfully. From Ventures style Telecaster rockers to aggressive, headbang-worthy punk numbers, King Khan (backed by the Gris Gris on this album) has managed to take everything, and the kitchen sink and everything under the sink and arranged it in an album that’s as fun as it is hard rocking.

Murderburgers will be King Khan’s first solo album. Khan says the album was put together over a week, not unlike the classic B-horror films of the 50s. Fitting considering there is a bit of a Russ Meier, Ed Wood, Roger Corman feel to the album. The album Murderburgers was promoted in a whirlwind tour of a few select cities chosen due to their being historical or present “murder capitals of America.”

Whether you’re a fan of garage punk, psychedelic rock, R&B or vintage rock and roll, you may enjoy Khan’s distinctive take.

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  1. WTF – this album is from 2014! How are you reviewing this as a new record?

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