King Parrot
Ugly Produce
(Housecore / Agonia / EVP)

Ugly Produce is one of those works of music that gives off a physical feeling. In the case of King Parrot, that feeling is a layer of clammy, salty, dirty sweat that gets one’s skin to stick together. That description might not sell a lot of things in life, but it sure as hell sells the work of King Parrot, for their third LP is an utter blast of ridiculous. Taking elements of death, grind, thrash, and punk, there is no taking it easy when listening to each of the ten tracks that the band lays out.

“Entrapment” starts with a burst of noise, just to take one deep breath before letting loose the utter hell of sound that is to come. Like a machine grinding away, the drum beat clashes down with a churning guitar, building even more tension before the track drops into a blistering frenzy. The vocals shriek like a banshee over metallic sharp drumming and electric vibrant guitar tones. This energy continues into “Piss Wreck”, the band flying forward with grinding drums and punishing heft in bass and guitar. Towards the midway point there comes this militant-like rhythm, injecting the music with an antagonistic nature. “All Hail The Grub” bursts out with sporadic guitar work that plays alongside a consistent drum beat. There’s a lot of contrast here with sections that drive in straight forward adrenaline, to these moments that pop with more intricate playing.

“Scattered” is one of the record’s most bonkers material, speeding away like a junkie needing a fix. The vocals pick up in intensity, shouting and screeching away to keep up with the ripping devastation of the instrumentals. “Now It Stokes Frenzy” comes off like a dizzy trip with a heavy hypnotic flavor. Bits of melody swirl into the relentless beat down that takes place, luring one into a state as if they’ve had one too many PBRs. “Disgrace Yourself” exudes auras of punk mentality in its rebellious nature. The underlining force of the bass mixes with the well-paced flow of drumming and guitar work to create an immense towering force of sinister flare.

For anyone who has been in need of some new heavy as hell music, King Parrot have your back. They are one of the most exuberant bands around today, creating their own blend of heavy and frisky. With their third studio record, these guys show no signs of slowing down, taking it easy, or giving a hell about anything but playing dirty. At the core of the record is a pure mosh pit mentality, each track demonstrating a blistering combination of heavy and fast instrumentation, along with aggressive vocal work. All of this comes together to present a ride of anger and rage that will cleanse one’s body of all fluids. As soon as Ugly Produce starts, there’s just no way in slowing it down.

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