Kingdom of Giants
All The Hell That You’ve Got To Spare
(InVogue Records)

Back for their sophomore label release, Kingdom of Giants have taken the promise of Ground Culture and moved their execution up a couple steps in the process. All the Hell That You’ve Got to Spare starts strong and never lets up during its entirety; multiple entries are top performers, while everything in between is still very much worthy of repeated spins. The opening track, “Cash Out”, gets the ball rolling with several powerful, lyrical points (“We don’t care about your happiness / We only care about your earnings”), and an outcry of a chorus. From there, “Lowlife” features a surprising and natural-sounding rap sequence; “Tunnel Vision” cracks on the surface throughout (“I’m starting to lose my focus”); “Motif” balances some of the album’s most brutal moments with its most ghostly and intimate; and “Grey Area” closes the album on a gripping, atmospheric note. All the Hell That You’ve Got to Spare is a fantastic return for these up-and-comers. If Kingdom of Giants continue this route further, then they will conquer the metalcore scene with ease.

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