Kivanc Kilicer
Dew On Roses EP
(Scarlet Records)

Turkish musician Kivanc Kilicer started his professional music career as the multi-talented front man of the hard rock band Element in 2007. After releasing two albums with the band, he focused on his pending solo project to get everything that he felt inside of him out to the public.

This three song EP has so much energy and talent that it blew me away on first listen and I had to keep replaying it because I couldn’t get enough. “Dew On The Roses” starts of like a Def Leppard song circa Hysteria, and then changes into its own beast of a song with a driving beat and blazing riffs, mixed with vocals with effects on them and then the completely clean vocals come in and the song gets even better. “One Of A Kind” starts off very mellow and then explodes into a kick-ass rocker with subtle keyboards that add a nice touch to the song. “Devil’s Thought” which also is the newest video, is a thick, mid-paced rocker with such a powerful vocal and an epic sound that you will get stuck on it and replay it over and over again.

Three songs, three songs which have turned me into a fan and will do the same to you as soon as you hit play. This has now turned into an EP that I will be playing for anyone and everyone to hear for a long time.

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