Newly-formed Denmark-based group play the type of post-metal that leans a bit more heavily on emotive melodic hardcore than it does on the more expected post-rock and doom influences. Sure, the simplistic song structures and potent mix of apocalyptic post-hardcore fury and sludge might recall some of the best works of Cult of Luna and Isis (the band) at times, but Kollapse amplify the standard post-metal formula with haunting melodic hardcore/post-hardcore passages that delve into the true darkness of mankind.

Angst is a suitably menacing listen, but it’s layered with a smarter form of aggression that helps this debut full-length elevate itself over your run of the mill post-metal. Reminiscent of groups like Birds In Row, Breach, and His Hero Is Gone, this release shows that the band knows they are trafficking in the familiar; yet, that doesn’t really hinder the weight of these mammoth tunes. Aside from some poor track placement choices (the middle of the record blends together a bit without enough hardcore aggression before saving itself at the end). However, those looking for post-metal that is more pensive than punishing would be well-served to keep an ear (or two) out for the promising career Kollapse have set themselves up for with this impressive release.

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