It’s good to see L.A. Guns vocalist Phi Lewis reunited with original guitarist Tracii Guns once again (even if the rest of the “classic” lineup is still absent). Here on their “comeback” release, they set out to prove they’ve still got what made them such a good band in the first place. While younger fans are likely to view The Missing Peace as sounding “dated,” more seasoned ones should no doubt be able to appreciate it.

Tracks like “Speed” and “Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight” are straight forward rock n’ roll, while others like “Baby Gotta Fever” and “The Flood’s the Fault of the Rain” bring out their more blues-orientated side. There’s even a power ballad in the shape of “Christine” for all of the softies out there, while “Gave it all Away” closes out the album on a surprisingly epic note, with Lewis doing some of his best vocal work on the album. Sure there will be those out there quick to dismiss The Missing Peace, but as far as ‘80s metal bands go, L.A. Guns are still at the top of the game compared to some of their competition out there.

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