Hailing from São Paulo’, Labirinto are holding it down for post-rock in South American. Their new record, Divino Afflante Spiritu, out now via Pelagic Records, hits the post-rock nail right on the head. 

Guitarist Erick Cruxen and drummer Muriel Curi are a married couple, and as is often the case with rock bands, that might lend something special to their chemistry. Each of the six songs on this record are carefully crafted and balance out rock, post-rock, and densely layered sensibilities and musicality to create something truly unique. 

“This album has a great emotional weight,” explains Cruxen via a press release. “It flourished during a very difficult phase in which we lost a very dear entity. It was a whirlwind of emotions that are materialized whenever we play the songs. This album, more than anything, represents for us loss and suffering, but also, passion and friendship.“

Whether or not you are a die-hard post-rock enthusiast, be sure to check this record out for some solidly constructed songs.

Purchase the album here. 


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