Lamb Of God
The Duke EP
(Epic Records)

Who would have thought that towards the end of 2016 that metal’s Lamb Of God would have released a brand new EP. There’s a lot more to The Duke then just showing off two new songs and some live tracks. The EP is actually a fundraiser to support the passing of fan (and dear friend) Wayne “The Duke” Ford, who passed away recently from cancer.

The three live tracks “Still Echoes”, “512”, and “Engage the Fear Machine” come right off the band’s previous record Sturm und Drang. There isn’t anything mind blowing about them, but an added extra flair for the hardcore fans. Title track “The Duke” comes in with gentle notes, to then kick in with a solid groove. The majority of the track features Blythe’s clean vocals, but this time around there is much more of an energy backing them up (where as “Overlord” leaned more towards being a relaxed track). The cleans are incredibly catchy, and hopefully there will be more of them in the future. The track is one of the more poetic songs in the band’s arsenal as of late. Instrumentally it never gets too wild, will still driving forward in momentum.

“Culling” immediately starts off with a strong lead as Blythe goes into his iconic screams. The drumming has a solid emphasis of prominence with each hit. It is a fairly straight forward Lamb Of God track: while coming off as a well done song, there isn’t anything about it that makes it stand out.

While it would always be awesome to get more music from Lamb Of God, the two new songs (as well as supporting the charity), are the main reasons to check out The Duke. With the band always at the top of their game, and with Blythe sharing more of his pure singing, it is exciting to see what else they’ll create in the future.

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