Last Ice is a collaborative project between members of the Austin, Texas band The Bloody Knives, and Portland, Oregon’s We Are Parasols. The debut self-titled album drops February 19 through No Movement Records.

The artists behind the project, Jeremy Wilkins of We Are Parasols and Jake McCown of The Bloody Knives, became friends while on tour together and wanted to start a project once the time was right. In the face of the ongoing pandemic, the two jumped into working on Last Ice.

I hadn’t heard of either band before, but Last Ice is a wonderful mix of industrial-tinged shoegaze with plenty of goth elements thrown in as well. The darkwave aesthetic leads to a lot of pop sensibilities, but we don’t hear the group delve into too much lo-fi sound, mostly opting for lush, clear textures.

Favorite spot on the record for me is the experimental track “Curse” leading into the poppy “Disease,” a perfect pairing of tracks. I’m just a sucker for that kind of thing. “Chains” is also a banger, with a more industrial feel and chant-like, gothy vocals.

Last Ice contains a pretty large range of styles and textures, but all held together with a strong sense of artistic cohesion. I’ve found myself putting this record on repeat and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. Highly recommended.

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Ben Serna-Grey is a musician and writer from the Pacific Northwest. His fiction and poetry have appeared in Apex Magazine, Bending Genres, Broadswords and Blasters, Two Cities Review, and others. He has sheet music published through Subito Music Publishing and also puts out experimental electronic/noise music as Mother Anxiety. He is also a contributor for Toilet Ov Hell and occasionally reviews short fiction on SFF Reviews.

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