A Perfect Disarray
(InVogue Records)

In the vein of early 2000s alternative rock (think Evanescence or Firefly), Leav/e/arth have made a debut worthy of a second glance at the least. When female vocalist, Leah Stenger, chooses to really belt out her lines, she’s at her emotional best, showing a palpable passion that really shines. The opening track, “Memory’, is probably the finest example, though “One Sided” comes close behind it. Atmospherically, the band also shows definite promise, especially during “Fractions” and “Here and Now”, which reveal more instrumental diversity. However, as a full length, A Perfect Disarray does tend to feel a bit stale at times; a little more exploration in sound, as well as amplified energy, would have done wonders for the release.

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