Post-metal is great and all, but not everybody has the time to wait nine minutes for the real riffs to get delivered, right? Enter in Boston-based noise-mongers Lesser Glow, whose mighty and efficient batch of sludgy melodic metal is here to bring the goods in a much more compact fashion. Ruined‘s six songs run under a half hour, and very little sonic space is wasted on aimless build-ups or overly repetitive riff patterns. A lot of Lesser Glow’s success can be pinned down to the band’s clear 90s post-hardcore/noise rock influence; when Lesser Glow go full throttle, the results are scintillating and boisterous. The low-end is satisfyingly stomach-churning, but even the requisite heaviness is in service to the songs. The only two songs over five minutes just happen to bookend Ruined, and they manage to highlight the band’s strengths without overstaying their welcome. Impassioned and pained vocals complementing aching doom melodies and sludge weight in equal measure.

Lesser Glow are comprised of a group of metal and hardcore veterans, and their experience shows. The world of sludgy post-metal doesn’t need another act to add to the noise, but everything about Ruined screams passion and professionalism. Even when the record stalls in a couple places, there’s always a riff or haunting melody to snatch back your attention. That keen desire to engage with the listener instead of focusing on long, flowing soundscapes results in a record that is consistent in its energy and excellence. Lesser Glow aren’t going to win any awards for innovation, but just like BASF in those old commercials, this group is making what you know better.

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