Liber Null
I, The Serpent
(Osmose Productions)

Liber Null’s album has enough fire and juice in it to hit that sweet spot for me. I typically hold blackened metal like this at most suspicious. It’s not just the sound quality or lack thereof that makes an atmospheric black metal album tick for me. It’s necessary to create music that really makes me feel like I’m being dragged into some kind of nether regions or personal hell.

The Serpent definitely manages to do that quite well. It is not just an audio trip into the spiraling nether cosmos, but a thrashing riff fest with some solid composition. Musically, I would say that Liber Null gets pretty eclectic, even if they stick to one pretty basic theme – which is black.

Blut Aus Nord, Acherontas, and Frostmoon Eclipse have consolidated their powers and revealed that they are mighty when three become one. Lo, the vision behind this music may be a bit vast and incomprehensible to some, but those guided by the esoteric truths within could take a liking to this dogma shattering metal.

The short version; six tracks of metal that continue to push the boundaries for atmoblack.

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