Though not a revolutionary step forward by any means, the transition Like Moths to Flames has made with Dark Divine is one with positive implications for the band, broadening their sound a bit further and breathing an elixir of sorts into their longevity. To put it simply, vocalist Chris Roetter has essentially put his clean vocals at the forefront this time around, making his screams more of an accompaniment in most cases throughout the new record. Though nothing hits quite as hard as “In Dreams” (from An Eye for An Eye), the larger inclusion of his singing does work wonders, giving the band’s sound a larger appeal. Granted, there will always be those fans who will hate a band for doing such a thing, but Like Moths to Flames sound perfectly at home with his growth.

Before, Chris mostly kept his cleans to the chorus, but now they encompass just about every track. The screams that help pump things up are stronger as a result, and perhaps more desired as well. The balance is one that works wonderfully, making tracks like “New Plagues” and “ Mischief Managed” feel more familiar to longtime fans, while also opening new doors.

Still, the band keeps their heavy hearts right on at the sleeve; Like Moths to Flames have not lost any of their brutality in this transition. Dark Divine is a great metal record that has range without actually losing itself in the process. Things are kept close at hand, while also standing out for their maturation. Like Moths to Flames have not lost a bit of a steam in the last seven years with Rise Records, and if Dark Divine can be counted on for what’s to come, they’ll still be around for years yet.

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