Lilac Daze
(Black Numbers)

Listeners may feel reservations about being seduced by the band Lilac Daze, it is both alluring and charming. Rather more intoxicating than your usual toilet water, there are moments in these songs where the pretty expressions of the singer/bassist Patti’s Kotrady’s vocals comes through to daze us.

The other vocalist, guitar player Evan Braswell leads with his popular shred style voice just like a romantic hero who has caught a whiff of the element, but he is not going to tumble off the trail.

Matt Henry, the drummer lays down the expressive rhythm of the drums with no-nonsense.

You may make a comparison to Dorothy and friends who fell asleep in the poppy field on the way to Oz, this trio also seems to have a lasting unity which won’t remain dormant forever and will certainly allure many fans.

The bouquet has variety, such as the prepossessing song “Lonely Eyes” which is more poetic than perhaps another like “Drinking with an Ulcer,” but all of the songs are sure a lot of fun!

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