There is something immaculately right about drinking water from a can. From the depths of the deadly chills of the Austrian alps comes Liquid Death Mountain Water. It’s incredibly satisfying. It’s wildly destructive. It’s extraordinarily murderous. And it sends your thirst back to the shadow realm from whence it came.

Water isn’t something pretty. Water is a deadly force of nature. It has caused plenty of deaths in the world. This is where the namesake of Liquid Death derives from. This badass drink is available for purchase in bars and tattoo parlors in LA and Philadelphia and online at and Amazon. They run for $1.80 per tallboy or if 12-packs on its website for $19.99 or $1.66 per can. If you subscribe, you save 10% which brings the price down to $17.99 for a 12-pack or $1.50 per can.

I have been waiting for the release of this water and I was not left disappointed. The water is crisp, perfectly flowing from the can’s opening with a streamlined flow. The aluminum can feels comfortable to the hand. It could be the illusion of what beer drinkers seek, what energy drinks crave and its taste goes unmatched. I’ve found myself chugging the can and tossing it back with ease. Liquid Death is the perfect contribution to what health should feel and look like; deadly yet recyclable . From the skull to the description, this can packs an aesthetic punch to any other canned drinks in the world. When drinking a can, people thought I was drinking a beer. I’m above that. I’m drinking water from a can. And it’s not just any water, it’s water that murders my thirst.

liquid death mountain water


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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