Backed by a group of storied NYC musicians, Liza Colby provides a much needed dose of no-frills rock & soul, reminding the listener why singers of her sort are all the more necessary in today’s overproduced and generic landscape. With a commanding voice and stage presence to match, capturing her live sensibilities on record could have been a challenging task, but the 4-track EP does a good job of doing so and leaves you wanting more. The opening track, “My World” is a riff-heavy nod to ’70s style classic rock, a sound that is also exemplified on the closing number “Cryin’”. The middle tracks “I Love You” and “White Light” are soulful and blues inflected and it’s these two songs that best display the versatility of her voice and the band itself. Despite losing their original guitarist, the venerable Adam Roth, to cancer in 2015, Draw shows how well the band has reconvened in the years since and denotes a promising rebirth. Standout tracks include “I Love You” and “White Light”.

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