Though not overly memorable or pulsing with energy, Locket do show a depth and array of skills on their Fearless debut. Shortly after solidifying their lineup, the band used 2018 to write and record without time constraint. Their singles for All Out—“Out of Sight,” “Other People,” and “Sleepwalker”—quickly tallied a respective number of streams, getting the word out. Not only did those songs put the band on people’s radars, they also featured some of the album’s best moments.

“Out of Sight” has a pounding line that comes to near breaking point in the song’s final seconds (“Is anybody loving us back?”), while both “Other People” and “Sleepwalker” become emotionally explosive in their choruses (following the slow build in their verses).

As for the rest of All Out, “First Blush” is propelled by steady, soothing melodies; “Sunshower” grinds wonderfully with its elements of gritty rock, and “All Out” is cemented by its ghostly group vocals that show up around the halfway mark.

Where Locket lack in consistent energy, they make up for in vulnerability and writing. All Out could have been better with another injection of power, but it’s still a thoroughly enjoyable and engrossing ride.

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