A Loss For Words
(Rise Records)

It seems like a major disservice to release your farewell record in the industry dead zone between Christmas and New Year’s, but that’s exactly what Boston’s A Loss For Words have done (which corresponds to a year after their last show ever). That said, it feels like a gift to their fans more than anything else. The group never quite broke out of the mid-level pop punk tier, in part because their style has never been trendy. Falling somewhere between the hardcore-infused easycore style and a more 00s emo/punk feel, it was always clear the band wrote what they want, and they garnered a strong following because of their earnestness. So it makes sense that Crises, their farewell record, is filled with more of their brand of heart-heavy punk. It doesn’t hurt that ALFW also brought some great friends around for the final ride.

In fact, those friends feature on some of the best tracks on the record. Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld gets to shout along to the banger that is “I Feel an Army in my Fist”, while Acceptance’s Jason Vena gets to croon on “Lucida”, and fellow Bostonian Andy Bristol get to harmonize on “Bitter Broken People”. That said, the band’s punk-y joy shines through on a handful of their own tunes, too. “Existential Crisis at the Cask ‘n Flagon” and “Georg Cantor” are notable bangers.

While there are some weaker tunes on here, and Crises serves as an excellent love letter to the fans. The songs showcase one of the more underrated bands in the scene signing off in their own way, and it’s a beautiful way to go out: in style. RIP A Loss For Words.

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