Dirty Pictures (Part 2) marks Low Cut Connie’s fifth album and second half of last year’s Dirty Pictures, but above all that it is a revelation that rock music – despite being relatively ignored by radio, magazines and pretty much anywhere outside of house shows, bars and small clubs in 2018 – is fuckin’ alive and well thanks to a soulful piano and some remarkably memorable riffs.

This South Philly band – ridiculously underrated – turns in a near-perfect record crammed with R&B-soaked tracks (“Every Time You Turn Around,” “One More Time”), beautifully subtle melancholy (“Hollywood,” “Master Tapes”) and enough raucous numbers (“All These Kids Are Way Too High”) to make you spill your drink and not even care.

With five records since 2011, prolific by today’s standards (unlike the blow for breakfast output of the ‘70s), Low Cut Connie has a remarkable streak for putting out one consistently solid record after another. And Dirty Pictures (Part 2) certainly manages to keep that streak going.

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