A folk-pop outfit from Charlottesville, Virginia  made up of the husband and wife duo Daniel and Lauren Goans, the two create and speak volumes with their eloquent, poetic minimalism on this cautious fourth album. 

“Will You Be” starts the affair with a sparse duet fueled primarily by acoustic guitars with occasional electric guitars and percussion in the background, and “A Drive Through The Countryside” follows with a warm spirit where layered vocals and fluid picking yield a soothing atmosphere.

Further on, their minimalist ways show much beauty in the synthetic drums and soft and agile “Salzburg Summer,” while the fuller “Raise The Ring” brings a moody backdrop to careful instrumentation. Near the end, the pair weave guitars and piano together seamlessly with “Eye In The Sky,” one of the best tracks present. 

An album that’s entirely substance and zero flash, the two-part harmonies, acoustic-fueled indie-folk template, and thoughtful, artistic song craft from the pair unfolds with timeless intimacy and, in a time when music is often so hectic, serves as further proof that less is often more. 

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