Lucky Boy Confusion
(Townstyle Records)

It’s been 10 years since the Chicago pop/punk band Lucky Boy Confusion last put out a proper album, but they seem to have picked up nicely from where they left off.

It’s a refreshing to see the band that has been out of the spotlight for a significant amount of time not be worried with contorting themselves to fit the latest music genre, rather the fourpiece stick to playing the music they do best.

Lucky Boy Confusion has come a long way since 2000’s Growing Out of It and 2001’s Throwing the Game, both musically – having steeped away from some of their earlier ska influences, for the most part – and lyrically, growing up and focusing on more, well, grown up themes.

The band sounds tighter than they have on any of their earlier albums and, many of the songs here, like the punk-ish “Insomniac” and “Stormchaser,” are just as impressive as anything the band has committed to tape before. There are some weaker moments here and there, but ultimately, Stormchaser shows a band hellbent on proving they are just as relevant in 2017 and they were nearly two decades ago when they first showed up.

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