Siblings with a history of nurturing and impactful contributions towards each other’s creative projects are few and far between. The vehement punk group, The Lungs, embrace that facet with brothers and longtime band mates Trevor [guitars/vocals] and Dylan Howard [drums] working together along with Billy Goldstein [bass/vocals] rounding the lineup. The eldest Howard brother, Casey, leaves his mark on the group as the artist behind their visuals, a role he’s held since Trevor and Dylan formed their first band together. The relationship the Howard brothers share is complimentary and endearing, something that any of us would like to share with our own siblings should our talents work hand in hand. Now that you know the personal background of The Lungs, it should be obvious that these four have come together once again, their combined efforts manifesting in the group’s debut EP, self-released on their CGR imprint. It’s seven tracks of aggressive output that capture the harbored frustration inhabitants of Los Angeles County endure with the astronomical cost of living, perpetually congested highways, and boiling summer time temperatures.

Their self-description of being a punk group is valid on such tracks as “Wilted”, “Iron Cloak”, and “FRP (Final Resting Place)” although they also have a healthy dose of qualities from the Hydra Head Records roster infused in the EP. Tracks such as “Black Chamber” consist of complex riff structures being controlled within frantic time changing and the same dissonance is present with Goldstein’s vocally led track “Hologram”. “Loose” would have to be the most aggressive track on the EP with a structure and songwriting approach that parallels the early recordings from Swedish cult favorites, Refused, specifically the Everlasting release. It’s a hard-hitting debut and worth the near 13 minutes of your time to check into if you’re looking for any new groups to check out.

Colored cassettes are available through their website, hope you’ve saved your Walkman.

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