Magic Touch may be over-the-top campy when it comes to their name, album cover and aesthetic, but it turns out they have just the right touch when it comes to bluesy rock n’ roll, and this really shows on Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire. 

These guys deliver a little bit of everything, but it’s all hard, fast and pummeling rock. Whereas some bands focus only on the bluesy aspect of the genre and come off sounding like a throwback group, or only on the power ballads until it is unbearably epic, Magick Touch’s name turns out to be apt, as they strike a perfect balance somewhere in the middle.

Songs like “Polonium Blues” and “Electrick Sorcery” are downright dirty and bluesy, calling to mind classics like Blue Cheer or Cream, while other tracks, namely the opener, “Under the Gun,” and the title track, do a great job of pulling in more progressive, power sensibilities to make for a more refined sound.

Whatever your specific taste in the classic and the heavy, don’t sleep on this album. There is plenty of goodness to keep you wanting more, and you’ll probably end up spinning this a second time once the record finishes.

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