Make Them Suffer
Worlds Apart
(Rise Records)

Australia’s Make Them Suffer refuse to stagnate. With their astoundingly great third record, Worlds Apart, the band have cemented their ability to continually reinvent themselves successfully. In fact, despite leaving the blackened deathcore style of their beloved debut, Neverbloom, almost entirely behind, Make Them Suffer’s latest features some of the group’s most complex and heavy material yet. By leaning hard into their gothic and space rock influences (and fully utilizing new keyboardist/backing vocalist Booka Nile), Worlds Apart is a real winner, with two hallmarks of the band’s shape-shifting career on full display: impressive storytelling and a haunting ambiance. By now, it’s clear that Make Them Suffer are one of the most adventurous modern metalcore bands around.

Naturally, Worlds Apart has an ethereal, other-worldly sound, but it’s the group’s understanding of balance that makes this such a special record. New keyboardist Booka Nile’s brooding vocals are all over the record, yet they are never overused, and the standard, cookie-cutter clean choruses are mostly eschewed. Also, while Nile’s keyboard work is impressive, it’s used sparingly, more an accent than a feature; that’s a wise choice. Likewise, Worlds Apart is decidedly a heavy and technical record, with choppy, mosh-ready sections all over; however, breakdowns and knuckle-dragging moments are rare. Instead, the heavy aspects are a colorful texture in creating the atmosphere of a mosh pit at the International Space Station. Sean Harmanis’ emotional and honest lyrics give an added weight to the proceedings, not that World Apart needs more weight.

Ultimately, Make Them Suffer’s third record may go down as the best metalcore record of 2017. The band have proven, no matter what their chosen style, they are equally powerful and effective in crafting weighty heavy tunes that stay with the listener. It’s all topped off by the most compelling song in the band’s catalog – “Save Yourself” – an uplifting, powerful ode to pushing through with the things that fulfill you. With Worlds Apart, Make Them Suffer are clearly on another level.

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