Mammoth Grinder have done it again, releasing another strong studio album after a five-year wait.

Cosmic Crypt is just as brutal as the band’s previous releases, and it is clear right off the bat that they plan to leave nothing behind and haven’t toned it down at all. However, this is a very mature-sounding record. Although they still have the grind and punk sensibilities that made them who they are, this record is definitely heavy on the death metal brutality, and mixed cleanly, so that listeners can really pick out what it is that they like about certain tracks.

“Servant of the Most High” is one of the most fun and surprising songs on the record; it comes off like a groovy stoner ballad, although it is still completely heavy. “Locust’s Nest,” as the name implies, is fast and furious, much more what tried-and-true fans have come to expect from the band.

Long-time fans will rejoice at this release, and although it’s a bit different than their previous stuff, it’s as good of a jumping off point as any to get familiar with the band.

Purchase the album here. 


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