Simple yet startlingly effective, that’s the model Atlanta-based indie rock group Mansell have utilized on Mantra. The band’s effortless, relaxed form of guitar pop is an easy sell throughout. They sound like a more easygoing version of the type of indie rock that’s gained radio traction of late, groups like Atlas Genius and Two Door Cinema Club, and their occasionally hazy vibe feels like it would fit better in the UK than in sunny Atlanta. The eight tracks fly by, making for a brief, albeit charming listen. Mansell are equally effective regardless of tempo, as “Age” and “Ghost” offer up a quick one-two punch of what the band can do. The former is a moody, bass-centric bouncer of a tune, while the latter shows they can speed things up a bit. It’s a bit frustrating to call this a full-length, especially with two rather pointless interludes, but the six actual tracks do enough to showcase how Mansell are a band to watch. Their best moment is “A Love Immodest”, with its wistful melody and hip-shaking bass-lines. Ultimately, Mansell don’t do enough to establish themselves as a unique, new voice in indie rock, but these songs are enjoyable, blissfully catchy, so I don’t really care.

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