Marilyn Manson
Heaven Upside Down
(Loma Vista Recordings / Caroline)

Heaven Upside Down is the tenth studio outing from Marilyn Manson – a surprisingly effective effort that mixes multiple genres with ease. Songs like “Blood Honey,” “Kill4Me,” and the title track are goth/electro/punk hybrids brilliantly woven together straight out of the ‘80s book of Bauhaus. The overly sexed-up video for “Say10” (the album’s original working title) features Manson doing his shock rock best alongside Johnny Depp and a host of scantly-clad bombshells, while “We Know Where You Fucking Live” (the album’s first single and one of its heaviest tracks) features some of the sexist nuns you’ll probably ever see. More open-minded fans should be able to appreciate the work Manson’s still producing, even if it strays far from their earlier, more metal material. Only real complaint; the lack of presence/input from the full “band” (is there even one anymore?), especially long-time member Twiggy Ramirez, whose contributions unfortunately seem to have been reduced to little to none.

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