Matt Pond PA
Still Summer
(131 Music)

I’m one of those diehard Matt Pond PA fans who lumps them into a category with The Promise Ring, Jets To Brazil and Braid, i.e. top notch indie-rock that never disappoints. On his 12th album and first on his own label, Pond’s in great company with Laura Stevenson, Caroline Reese and a handful of others, including longtime collaborator Chris Hansen.

Much like everything Pond has done, it’s a thoughtful affair, full of melodic reflection and even some more forceful guitar songs (forceful for Pond, anyway), and a nod to ’80s pop/New Wave. Always warm and dreamy, while many of the songs embrace the breeziness of summer and beg to be played loud while driving with the windows down, there’s also plenty balladry with strong lyrical imagery, and angelic female vocals from various people to complement Pond’s deeper pipes.

Sadly, this looks to be the final release of Matt Pond PA, but it’s likely Pond has other projects on the horizon. As far as a swansong, it’s some of the best work they’ve done, and in Pond’s own words ‘It’s about holding hands with ghosts and them letting go’. Now who wouldn’t want to hear an album with that description?

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