In their 38 years of existence, hardcore punk legends MDC have seen some of the worst presidencies in US history, forming at the start of the Reagan administration and remaining in the fight to see the dreaded Trump era. The band hasn’t always released new music consistently, their albums tend to appear when they’re needed the most, but it’s a fitting time for an MDC release and they have delivered on those needs. The album, their first in 13 years, presents the band in good form, sounding recharged in their musicianship and reignited in their anger.

Fresh from the take-off of the rallying chant “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA” featured in the 2016 remake of their 1980s classic “Born To Die,” the band follows up with 12 powerful songs covering the many injustices and frustrations of life in the USA and the world in general. Vocalist Dave Dictor’s voice has aged with an admirable grit and in some ways better reflects his anger now than it did in their 1980s heyday. The band is tight, the production is good, and MDC as a whole is as relevant now as they ever were. Standout tracks include “Working For Satan,” “Muscle Cars,” “My Show” and “Born To Die.”

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