Jack Dangers has been at the helm of Meat Beat Manifesto for over 30 years now, and the musician, DJ, producer, and remixer clearly shows no signs of slowing down. On this installment of inventive electronic music, Dangers essentially rewrites the ideas done in his formative years with careful attention to rhythm, melody and, of course, plenty of thriving beats included in the experience.

While several tunes here take on an ominous tone, especially at the beginning and the end, others, like “No Design” and “Pin Drop,” two of the album’s best, are sonically challenging excursions into precise yet feral sounds, the former being heavy on percussion with processed vocals, while the latter recruits skittering beats and expressive vocals.

Elsewhere, “Ear Lips” takes on a trance-like quality with eccentrically manipulated vocals, as does the mysterious and subdued “Agelast.” Deeper cuts like “Present For Sally” present an almost futuristic quality, while “Critical Soul Vibrations” gives us a taste of the MBM sound that countless other like-minded artists have taken inspiration from, where elegant vocals are mixed in with jagged, reckless engineering.

A daring, adventurous and playful excursion, fans of all things electronic, house, industrial, and trip-hop will find themselves enamored with this chapter of MBM, and, if for some reason you still haven’t familiarized yourself with this legendary outfit, you may as well start here and immediately.

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